What We’ve Been Pinning

By now, if you’re a fan of Pinterest, you’ve hopefully come across all of Real Simple’s fun boards. We have everything from our favorite new uses for old things to easy weeknight meals, and all of our problem-solving product picks. But  I wanted to take a chance to tell you about some of the other things you’ll find if you’re following our boards.

Real Simple on Pinterest

First, we’ve created a board specifically for our quotes. We know that those of you who subscribe love the Daily Thought newsletter, and we’ll be making them easier to share and save on Pinterest in the next two weeks.

Second, a handful of our print and digital editors have joined in on the pinning fun. They’ll be pinning ideas, products, and photos from around the web that they love. Here’s a quick guide to the boards they are contributing to so you can follow your favorites:

Real Simple Finds: Easy Entertaining

Real Simple Finds: Smart Organizing Ideas
Real Simple Finds: Inspiring Decor
Real Simple Finds: Favorite Foods & Gadgets
Real Simple Finds: Recipes to Try
Real Simple Finds: Easy Entertaining
Real Simple Finds: Favorite Hair & Makeup Looks
Real Simple Finds: Smart Beauty Products
Real Simple Finds: Stylish Clothing & Accessories
Real Simple Finds: Wedding Inspiration
Real Simple Finds: Inspiring Photos & Design

Third, we’ve also started pinning all of our Real Simple Solutions products. Instead of including them on our other boards, we’re keeping them in one place so you can see everything that’s available, or unfollow it, if it’s not for you.

Link With Love

And finally, we want you all to know that we’re committed to sharing ideas and crediting their original sources. I attended Alt Summit this year and learned about the site Link With Love at the Ethics and Etiquette panel (which, I’m sad to say, was sparsely attended). As our editors pin to our boards we will make every good faith attempt to make sure we are crediting the correct source. But if you happen to see something that is not correct, please let us know, either in the comments or by sending the link to simpletip@realsimple.com.

What’s your favorite thing to pin on Pinterest?