The Secret ‘Pleasures’ of Living Alone

February 27, 2012 | By | Comments (21)

If you live alone with no one to please but yourself, do you become an uncouth heathen, leaving your bras strewn about the kitchen, the TV blaring at high volume and the bathroom door open?

This was the question raised a few days ago by a New York Times story headlined “One Is the Quirkiest Number.” I guess you could say “quirkiest” was a nice way of putting it. Among the odd habits developed by those who live alone, the story mentioned:

–Removing only the clothes you need from the dryer and leaving the rest of the load inside to wrinkle, indefinitely.

–Not washing dishes for days.

–Avoiding regular meals in favor of frequent “snack” trips to the refrigerator.

–Relying on cereal as an entrée. A few times a day.

According to census data, one in every four U.S. households now consists of a person who lives alone. Are you one of them? If so, what is the biggest benefit (freedom!)? And have you developed any, um, quirky habits?

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