An Ode to the Perfectly Automated Public Restroom

February 22, 2012 | By | Comments (9)

Ahh, the public restroom. So many varieties, so many ways to disappoint, terrify, disgust, and also—dare I say?—delightfully surprise!

Fresh off a cross-country airplane trip where I DIDN’T get to partake in such a perfect potty, I got to thinking about how strangly happy the mostly hands-free, totally tricked-out loo makes me.

You know, the kind where….

….the toilet’s automatic flush works at just the right time (not while you’re going, not 20 seconds after you’ve exited the stall)….

…where the sanitary toilet seat covers are a) present and b) easy to slip out of the little holster and onto the rim…

…where the sink’s automatic, hands-free faucet responds to your hands’ presence without teasing or stopping after a half-second…

…where the soap dispenser delivers actual soap, not just watered-down remnants of soap or a distressing pfffft…

….where you need not sully freshly-washed hands by messing with some button/lever for a paper towel, because the hands-free, motion-sensor-powered device graciously delivers a generously-sized paper towel to your waiting hands….

Such a bathroom? Hard to find. But easy to love.

Anyone else get such strange joy out of a remarkably civilized public restroom experience?

Image courtesy of MyDoorSign