Be Nice on Pinterest: The polite way to ‘pin’

February 13, 2012 | By | Comments (6)

I’ve been obsessed lately with Pinterest, the site where you can “pin” collections of interesting pictures onto an online bulletin board you share with your friends. Yeah, me and nearly 11 million other Pinterest users.

You’re probably on Pinterest too, loving this well-designed new site that is on track to become the fastest-growing social networking site since Facebook. The way it works is simple. While browsing on the Internet, you see a picture of something you like – a beautiful sunset, an irresistible Labrador retriever puppy,  kitchen cabinets painted the exact shade of gray you’ve been dreaming of. So you click a button on your browser’s bookmarks bar and  “pin” the picture to one of your Pinterest collections.  The image gets saved to your personal library, where you can find it again easily. And all of your friends “following” your collections also get notified and can look at what interests you.

Sounds simple. And for the most part it is. But the site has its own special rules. On Pinterest’s About page, the etiquette is spelled out:

  1. Be nice. Be respectful when you write captions or comments.
  2. Credit your sources. Create a link back to the original source.
  3. Don’t use the site for self-promotion or marketing.
  4. Don’t post nudity or “hateful comments.” And if you run across either, report it.

It’s a pretty straightforward list. Can you think of any more etiquette rules people should follow on Pinterest?

What’s the latest image you “pinned?” How many people are you following on Pinterest? What’s the most interesting collection you’ve run across so far?

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