Useful or Useless Gear? You Be the Judge!

February 9, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Two new products came to my attention this week, and while I am not one to thumb my nose at time-saving and health-encouraging gadgets, gear, or problem-solving inventions of any kind—that’s simply not the Real Simple way!!—these two had me wondering if they were serious or silly.

1. Footwear for the…fertile? Yes, women’s feet change during pregnancy. Yes, swelling can be an issue, forcing some women to stick to only the loosest, most adjustable shoes. But with all the varieties out there, do we really need special $80 tennies to wear while expecting? New Life Shoes promise to give your feet all the TLC you need, PLUS, you can adjust them without bending over. (The secret is in their Z-Fit System.)
Verdict: I haven’t tried them, but I actually can imagine that some moms-to-be—especially those having multiples—might appreciate the one-handed shoe adjustment!

2. A special hat…for yoga? Ponytail slipping out during downward dog? Bangs poking you in the eye while in Half Moon? Perhaps you need a $24 yoga cap from Electric Yoga so that you can stay focused on finding your center, not your center part.
Verdict: A $2 pack of Bobby pins are my go-to for keeping my hair in place, without having to look like a yogi-cum-speed skater.