21 Days of Healthy Eating—Complete!

Healthy Foods

Well, my 21 days are up as of today. And I’m happy to say that over the last three weeks of really focusing on my eating habits, I have made some happy changes, some telling realizations, and some real progress.

The happy changes

-I’m sticking to a food structure.

-I’m pushing my breakfast a little later, which I have found impacts my entire food day—I don’t get so hungry in the late afternoon and at night.

-I’m drinking my water. Liter by lunch!

-I’m food journaling consistently (well, mostly).

The telling realizations

-Planning is key to my being successful. Trying to wing it and come up with food ideas on the fly doesn’t work for me.

-I’m a stress/boredom/sadness eater. The good news is that I am beginning to recognize that and try to distract myself so I don’t deal with the feelings through cupcakes.

-Sandwiches are not evil. After too many low-carb diets, which left me living in fear of two slices of bread at lunch (I kid you not), I have accepted the fact that a sandwich isn’t going to kill me or make my rear-end grow two sizes.

-Sometimes I’ll eat the Cheetos. Like yesterday, at my desk after a stressful morning. But they don’t have to turn into a Plunge. I can call them a slip and move on.

The real progress

-My hunger levels (and blood sugar) aren’t as all-over-the-place, which makes my mood more stable and my energy consistent.

-I’m a lot less puffy and sluggish.

-I feel like I’m developing a healthy relationship with food, which is the ultimate goal anyway, right?

I was lucky enough to have Heather Bauer, R.D., as my guide and cheerleader throughout these 21 days—you can get her very same wisdom and encouragement through her book, Bread is the Devil. Moving forward, I’m going to keep working on my devils (that emotional eating one is a challenge!) and keep building on the success I’ve had so far.

What’s your next healthy-eating goal?

And PS, thank you for spending these 21 days with me!