Do You Eat Your Kids’ Leftovers?

Frozen Waffles

One of the devils I didn’t feel applied to me too much was little devils—a.k.a., eating your kids’ leftovers. Yes, I do have a toddler, but she eats pretty much what we eat, so I don’t often have the opportunity to snatch, say, fries off her plate or finish up her mac and cheese.

But this little devil reared its head the other morning. For some reason, my daughter wasn’t her usual hungry self that day, so when I set a whole-grain waffle smeared with cottage cheese and a dollop of fruit spread on her tray (a breakfast she usually loves), she picked at and played with it more than she actually ate. Sometimes it takes her a bit of time to get in mood to eat, so I went ahead and finished my own breakfast at the table with her, figuring she’d wolf down the waffle in no time.

No such luck. After giving her a good 20 minutes to eat, she still had taken only a couple bites. Then it was “All done, down please! All done!” So I unlatched her tray and let her toddle on her way while I cleaned up. As I took our plates to the kitchen, I looked at that ¼ eaten waffle and thought, “Geez, she didn’t eat any of this. These waffles are expensive—not to mention the cost of the cottage cheese. I feel bad wasting this good food…” And into my mouth went the waffle. I polished it off in about a minute.

I had already eaten my breakfast, so clearly I wasn’t hungry. I guess I just felt wasteful throwing a perfectly good waffle away. Note to self for next time: Toss the waffle already. Better in the trash than in my belly when I’m not even hungry for it.

What about you—do you find it hard to throw away your kids’ leftovers or resist picking off their plates?


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