Can a Seltzer Maker Change Your Life?

February 7, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Recently I noticed that no less than five friends/colleagues on Facebook mentioned that they’d recently gotten a home seltzer maker, and called it “life changing.” (Their words, not mine!)

My interest was instant—and not just because I cannot resist an outrageous claim.

The truth is, but when it comes to water intake, I’m more camel than fish. (Do fish drink?? Does this account for the idiom “Drink like a fish”?)

And it’s not that I haven’t been trying. I’ve geared up with the coolest bottles and filters. I’ve tried the trick of starting the day with a large bottle around which I’ve placed four rubber bands. Each time it’s empty, I transfer the band to my wrist, as a sign of one bottle down, and continue until all the bands on on my wrist.

And while I’ve improved a little bit, I know I’m still falling short. (One need only look at the result in the loo as a good indicator.)

Enter my very own Soda Stream machine! This was the brand of home seltzer maker that each of the five Facebook friends name-checked as so awesome.

Besides regular fizzy water, you can also jazz up your seltzer with both sugar-free and regular flavorings (i.e. cola, diet cola, orange soda), or even use subtle ‘essences’—to give your seltzer a calorie and sugar-free hint of lemon, lime or another flavor.

It’s been three weeks since I took the bubbly water plunge and am here to report the following:

1. It’s really easy. Not that I expected the process to be hard, but it’s about as easy as making a K-cup of coffee.

2. I love being able to customize how bubbly my water is. Too many bubbles can lead to bloating, so I really liked how I could adjust how much CO2 to add into the water. For me, three bursts of the gas is enough. My husband likes five more more.

3. I like my soda water rather plain—maybe with a hint of lemon or orange in there, but when it comes to having a cola or a lemon-lime soda, I am not interested in too much fancy flavorings or DIY stuff. I guess I’m a marketer’s dream, but I am deeply attached to my Diet Coke can, my Fresca can, my Orangina can.

4. I HAVE been drinking more water. Probably a full liter more each day. I think the fact that it has a bit more oomph than a plain glass of water makes it just that much more attractive to me, and helps me ease away from sodas and juices. Yes, it’s bubbly stuff, and according‘s Mark Burhenne, DDS, too much of the stuff can actually wear away at the enamel on your teeth. (Turns out, seltzer is slightly more acidic than plain water, because the carbonation means the creation of carbonic ACID.) Again, being able to control how much carbonation to add is another HUGE plus here. You can actually buy test strips to determine how acidic/alkaline your beverage is.

But for me, when it’s a choice between not drinking enough and/or drinking too much sugary stuff, and a few extra bubbles, I’ll take the bubbles…and double-up on strong toothpaste and frequent brushing.

So, is the machine a “life changer?”

I’m not feeling quite so animated, but I AM sold.

I AM more than happy to give up valuable counter space to my little bubbly buddy in return for a leg up on the neverending quest for proper hydration!

I AM a seltzer queen!