Adding in Exercise

Woman on a treadmill

Sloth: A definite diet devil, and the personal bane of my existence. One thing that made me happy when I first met with Heather (and she says the same thing in Bread is the Devil) was that I didn’t have to start exercising if I wasn’t doing it already. Well…I wasn’t doing it already. And hadn’t been consistent with exercise in a long time. So not having to start was a nice change from other plans I’ve tried.

Now, she totally believes that exercise is healthy and essential. But in the beginning, she says that it’s more important to get the food part down. I’m sure you’ve heard the adages—that diet is 90% of weight loss and exercise is 10%, that abs are made in the kitchen, that you can’t out-train a bad diet…. Once you’ve built up some momentum food-wise, though, it’s time to address the exercise, too.

Heather says that it can really help with weight loss (and countless studies reinforce the idea that exercise is key to staying healthy for the long haul). And her recommendation is pretty simple: “Just get off your butt!” That could mean fast walking, that could mean going to a Zumba class, that could mean hopping on the elliptical. “The point is to get your heart rate up,” she writes.

My challenge: To get off my butt this week. I have some great workouts from celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters that I can do right in my living room (what could be easier?!). They’re less than 45 minutes, which, let’s face it, is totally reasonable and simple. I will report back!

How about you—what are your exercise plans this week?

— Lisa

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