Sticking to an Eating Schedule

Balanced Breakfast

The past 24 hours have been my experiment with the neweating schedule Heather came up with for me. And I’m happy to say it’s working!

Yesterday afternoon, I had some celery, carrots, and peppers plus tea as a snack  at about 4 (Heather suggested fruit and tea, but I had already packed the vegetables). Picked up my daughter, got her home, and had some cheese on GG Crispbread fiber crackers, some of which I shared with her. (Why is it that a toddler can have a perfectly delicious food in front of her, but when you bust out something decidedly less delicious—fiber crackers, say—she’s not interested in what she has and only wants to eat what you have? I digress.) I am proud to say that I did not end up slicing endless pieces of cheese off the block and instead, stuck to my 4 thin slices on the crackers. Amazing success, considering I can polish off a block of Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar in two days!

This morning, I tried bringing breakfast to work instead of eating it at home. I should have had some fruit at home, though, since I had two early meetings before I was able to eat my yogurt. Lesson learned: I need some easy-to-peel fruit in the kitchen for mornings like this (the blood oranges in our fruit basket would’ve been too messy and taken too long to eat).

Tomorrow, since it’s the weekend, should be a little bit of a challenge. My plan is to stick to the basic idea as during the week: Push breakfast a little later (have fruit first thing if I’m starving), and watch that 4PM-8PM window like a hawk so it doesn’t become a graze-a-thon.

Do your eating habits change from weekdays to weekends?