Pierced ears – Yea or Nay?

February 2, 2012 | By | Comments (35)

Sophie wearing clip on earrings.

Last night our 6 year old daughter came to me with a request – she wants to have her ears pierced.

She begged. She pleaded. She told me about all the friends who had pierced ears. But ultimately, she went away unsatisfied with my answer . . . she can have her ears pierced when she’s 13.

That’s when I had my ears pierced, and only after I had made honor roll (full disclosure – I was a total slacker in school who regularly received comments such as “needs to apply herself” on her report card).

In my head, getting pierced ears is in the same category as getting a dog – something we’ll probably do someday, but not today. I don’t have time to worry about whether she is cleaning and spinning the studs appropriately (and not too often). I don’t want to argue with her when we have to take them out for soccer games.

And a tiny bit of me thinks that earrings is just another step towards my girl becoming a teenager and I’m just not ready for that.

This morning she had changed her request, now she wants purple blinds in her bedroom instead of the white ones my husband bought. (Again, the answer was no because mommy wants the outside of the house to match. So unreasonable).

But here’s my question – did you let your daughter get her ears pierced? When? Or when will you?