Adjusting Your Eating Schedule


I had another follow up with Heather today, and we spent most of it troubleshooting the structure of my eating day. Here’s how it looks:

7:30AM: breakfast

11AM: snack

12:30PM: lunch

4PM: snack

7PM: half a block of cheese at the kitchen counter because I just got home from work and am starving

9PM: dinner

Clearly there are some issues with this schedule!

Thing is, I come home from work ravenous even if I eat that 4PM snack. Then I feed my daughter, bathe her, and do our bedtime routine, which takes me up to about 8:30. I’ve tried having us all eat dinner with her, around 7:30, but it’s a sprint, and my husband and I really enjoy eating a more leisurely dinner after she goes to bed. So what to do with that 4+ hour stretch between my afternoon snack and dinner?

Heather suggested a few tweaks: First, eat breakfast at work. Not everyone needs to eat within an hour of waking up, she says, and for some people (people like me, whose eating days seem to go very late), it can be helpful to push breakfast back a bit. That way, there’s no need for a morning snack. She said that if I’m hungry first thing in the morning, have some fruit, then bring my yogurt/high fiber cereal to work. Seems doable.

Her other suggestion was to switch up my afternoon snack: Instead of a bar or cheese and crackers, try eating a piece of fruit and some tea around 4. Then, when I get home and feed my daughter dinner, have my cheese and crackers with her—if I’m really starving, Heather told me to microwave a bag of frozen vegetables, drizzle with some lemon juice, and eat up. Very filling, but not diet-derailing. And that strategy will set me up to eat a sensible, portion-controlled dinner (and very likely keep my hands out of the ice cream and frozen yogurt).

How do you usually structure your eating day?