Get Yourself Into the May Issue!

January 31, 2012 | By | Comments (12)

Hi, Bookies:

So our friends down the hall on the print side of Real Simple would like to ask you this question: Who is your favorite mother in a work of literature? The book cover above is from the edition of Little Women I owned as a child. I always liked the character of Marmie, because (1) her name was Marmie, (2) she seemed near perfect as a mother, (3) but she wasn’t, as she admitted to Jo (she actually had a bad temper she learned to control), (4) she had unconventional ideas for her time about marriage (like: women shouldn’t marry for money), and (5) she had an abundance of love and respect for her daughters—and they returned it in spades. (And despite all that, she was still cut out of the action on my cover. What the what?) Tell us below who your favorite fictional character is and why, including the name of the book she appears in, and your answer may run in the May issue of RS.