Staying on Track Over the Weekend

 candy & cookies

Has this ever happened to you? You’re on track and eating healthy all week, sticking to the plan you made for yourself, and when the weekend comes, you go totally crazy and eat whatever your heart desires (which is usually not on your plan). I know, did I even have to ask?

This happens to me often, in great part because while my weekdays are pretty structured, my weekends are much, much less so. I may linger over coffee while my toddler plays in the living room and eat my breakfast a whole hour or two later than normal. Then we’ll be running around doing errands, and all of a sudden, I’ll feel ravenous and need to eat. right. now. Which of course sets me up to overeat because I’m beyond the point where I can rationally make good choices.

Heather suggests a mind trick to help me stay on track: Thinner by Monday. That means aim to be thinner when the weekend’s over than I was when it started. (If you don’t want to lose weight, you can spin it as, be healthier by Monday than you were on Friday.) Keeping that little mantra in mind,  she says, can help me stay focused on those un-focused weekend days.

I’m going to try it this weekend, and I’ll let you know how it goes. Starting Monday morning feeling a little less puffy and lots more energized sounds pretty good to me!

How about you—do you lose focus on the weekend?