Do You Occasionally Eat Frozen Dinners?

Frozen Dinners

Even though I’m sure my colleagues in the Real Simple food department would cringe, I stocked up on frozen meals at the grocery store yesterday. As Heather writes in Bread is the Devil, frozen meals can be a smart fallback, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Certainly they can’t compare to an amazing, home-cooked meal, but in a pinch, they offer benefits—the big one being built-in portion control. When I cook, say, pasta at home, it’s really easy to dish out a 2-3 cup serving and call it dinner. But with a frozen version, the pasta is already perfectly portioned out—no chance of overdoing the tasty, but refined, carb.

I don’t do frozen dinners every night, but there are few instances where they come in handy: When we have leftovers that aren’t enough for two, or when I’m on my own for the night (when my husband has school, for instance). Last night fell into the second camp. I thoroughly enjoyed my cheesy frozen pasta entrée and added a side of sautéed spinach on the side to round it out. Yes, the sodium in the frozen meal was a little high, but the rest of my diet is quite low in sodium and I have no blood pressure issues, so Heather says not to worry about it.

Do you ever eat frozen meals? How do you use them—and which ones do you love?


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