How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out

Woman with menu

My husband and I went out to eat last night. Typically when we go out, it’s a wine-and-greasy-food fest finished off with dessert—the dine-out devil rearing its ugly head. Last night, however, I decided to be more strategic.

I was in the mood for a turkey burger from our favorite corner pub. I also knew that I wanted a few of the fries that come with the dish. So here’s what I did: I skipped the wine—truth be told, the pub’s selection isn’t really that great anyway—and ordered the burger without my usual Muenster cheese. Instead, I piled on the tomato, lettuce, and onion (usually I dress the cheesy burger with loads of ketchup). These little tweaks didn’t cost me much taste—or satiety—wise; in fact, I barely noticed them. I enjoyed my burger, shared the fries with my husband, and got in an extra two glasses of water for the day.

The best part: When we were done, I didn’t have that puffy, slightly hazy feeling, but instead felt focused, energized, and satisfied. I always thought that making trade-offs in meals meant that instead of eating a bunch of yummy food, you eat a bunch of mediocre food that you’ve dieted-down. But last night’s dinner gave me a new perspective. Lesson to remember next time we go out!

Do you make trade-offs when you go out to eat?

— Lisa

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