What to do When You Slip Back into Unhealthy Habits

Broccoli Pizza

So it happened: The dreaded pizza night. It was Friday, and it wasn’t pretty.

Over the past year, my husband and I have gone from ordering pizza maybe once a month to at least once a week, sometimes twice. Oh, it’s delicious, of course, but frankly speaking, pizza is full of everything you don’t really want to load up on too often: refined carbs in the doughy crust, tons of fat in the cheese, and very few vegetables to be seen (I’ll give myself credit for the tomato sauce). When we order, it’s usually because we’re both exhausted, and the thought of cooking makes me want to cry weak, tired tears.

Friday was one of those too-tired-to-even-think-about-cooking nights. So we ordered, since not only were we tired, we were ravenous, too. I had the best of intentions—I’d eat one slice, have a salad on the side…. Yeah, didn’t happen. I had three slices, and then, in my food coma, I dove into my husband’s pint of Cookies & Cream ice cream.

This is the devil known as The Plunge: You start eating something not great, think, I blew it, and just keep going (and going). The key is to get right back on track with your next meal. “Call it a slip and move on,” Heather told me. Which is what I did. And I’m proud to say that on Saturday, I made a conscious effort to get back to it—and ended my day with a fantastic home-cooked meal and a feeling of on-plan satisfaction. Success!

How do you deal with The Plunge? What strategies do you use to get back on track?


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