Ways to Drink More Water

Glasses of water

Believe it or not, I actually like water. I didn’t grow up drinking soda (or even juice), so water is always my go-to beverage. Yet even though I like it, I never seem to drink enough. According to virtually every diet and fitness expert out there, drinking water is essential for good health, of course, but also for weight loss. They’re not sure why. It could be that water fills you up, and Heather says, in her book, that perhaps drinking adequate water does something to the metabolism. Regardless of the reason, drinking up is non-negotiable.

So I’m trying to be more consistent with my water intake, aiming for a minimum of 2 liters a day. Heather recommends a strategy she calls Liter by Lunch (LBL). Yep, it’s just what it sounds like: Have one liter of water before lunch. Then have the second in the afternoon. That’s reasonably simple. During the week, I keep a water bottle on my desk (I like the glass ones from Lifefactory) and fill it up twice in the morning. Then twice again in the afternoon.

The weekends are a little more challenging, mainly because my focus is on 347 other things (errands, my toddler, chores…). I don’t always remember to get my LBL. (Yesterday, I had 2 glasses of seltzer with dinner. That was it for my water, eek.) However, since the water bottle thing works at work, maybe it’s time to get a weekend bottle for home and use the same strategy?

How do you make sure you get your water in each day?

— Lisa