Phase Eating: What it is and How to do it

Turkey Sandwich

Now that I’m actively planning what I’m going to eat, I’m seeing that coming up with an exciting, varied menu for every meal of every day of the week is…a little overwhelming. I’m a decent cook and I actually like being in the kitchen, but to be honest, I don’t see myself whipping up gourmet breakfast, lunches, and dinners for myself and my family daily.

Luckily, a limited menu is not a bad thing when it comes to weight. Heather calls it phase eating, and the idea is that instead of trying to make your weekly meal list look like the menu of a fabulous, healthy, five-star restaurant, you pick a few breakfasts and lunches that you can repeat over the course of the week. (She recommends keeping your dinners more varied.) This not only makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier, it helps me stick to the plan. The less thinking I have to do, the fewer decisions I have to make about food, the better. (Research backs this up, by the way—studies have shown that an increase in variety in the diet correlates with an increase in, and I quote, “body fatness.”)

My current preferred breakfasts: Chobani yogurt with some Kashi GoLEAN and fruit or a light English muffin spread with cottage cheese and a tablespoon of fruit spread. For lunch, I’m sticking to hot protein/veggies from the cafeteria or a simple turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread.

How about you—do you think phase eating would work for you?