Planning Your Snacks

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I’m learning that one of the biggest hurdles to healthy-ing up your diet, whether or not you’re looking to lose weight, is going about it without a plan. Heather calls this the Freestyle Devil. Making proclamations like, “I’m going to eat better” or “I’m going to just cut down a little” aren’t quite specific enough to result in success (how many morning have you woken up, thought, today’s the day I eat better, then succumbed to the danish in the work kitchenette? I can’t even count, that’s how many.)

While this applies to your overall diet—which is why Heather created the blueprint in the first place—I’m going to go take it a step further and say that the same thing applies to your day-to-day food. By that I mean that trying to wing a single day, a single meal, without a plan in mind may not be the smartest strategy.

Here’s a good example: Most mornings, I’m rushing around, trying to get my toddler ready for daycare, myself ready for work, and both of us where we need to be on time. On those days, I very often neglect to packsnacks for myself to take to work. I figure I’ll get a yogurt at the office cafeteria or grab some string cheese and crackers from a nearby deli. It’s a plan-ish, but it’s not concrete. So what happens? I most certainly do not go to the cafeteria or deli; instead, I go to the vending machine for Cheetos or rummage through my desk drawer for chocolate. Winging it = poor choices for me.

So this morning, in the midst of the rushing around, I forced myself to pause for a moment and think through my snacks for the day. That’s all it took to throw a banana and some fiber crackers into my bag. Painless.

Do you map out your snacks for the day? If not, what gets in your way?

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— Lisa