Would You Keep a Food Journal?

Blank Notebook

Let me put on my whiny 4-year-old hat for a minute: I haaaaaaate keeping a food log. And I’m an admitted food-log liar—if I eat something “bad,” something off plan, I just don’t write it down. (Hmm, clue to why I have had trouble losing weight in the past?)

That said, science—and my diet guru—says it’s essential, so I guess there’s no getting around it. Heather gave me a little sheet (she has a similar one in Bread is the Devil) to fill out daily, with spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water, exercise, and triumphs. There’s also a spot for what she calls “dirty deeds,” which are those oops moments that we all have (finishing off my daughter’s half-eaten waffle in the morning, for example). It’s kind of freeing that there’s a spot to write down the slip-ups. And according to Heather, nothing is a diet-breaker. You just call it a slip and move on. I can actually wrap my brain around that!

So I’m declaring it here: From this day forward, I am keeping a food journal. And I’m going to be completely honest in it. If I have a slip, I’ll write it down and move on.

What about you—do you keep a food journal? If not, are you willing to start?

— Lisa