The 10 “Diet Devils”

Eating Popcorn in front of the TV

I met with Heather Bauer at her offices (she has a busy private practice in Manhattan, called Nu-Train). I loved her instantly—she’s warm and funny, and you feel like she’s your best friend. Maybe even more importantly, she got me—and my diet challenges—almost immediately. We talked about the ten Diet Devils she outlines in her book:

1.     The freestyle devil (Winging it and not having a specific weight loss plan)

2.     The plunge (Two cookies turns into ten…plus ice cream, plus wine…)

3.     The late night shuffle (Post-dinner snacking)

4.     Emotional eating (Stress? Soothe with food!)

5.     Little devils (Your kids)

6.     Boredom bingeing (Such an easy way to procrastinate!)

7.     Sloth (Oh, yes, I have a gym membership. I just don’t use it)

8.     Celebrations! Vacations! (Every day is a party!)

9.     Roadhogging (Eating in the car)

10.   The dine out devil (Not strategizing before a meal out)

My biggies, which she pinpointed right away: The Freestyle Devil, The Plunge, The Late-Night Shuffle, Emotional Eating, Boredom Bingeing, and Sloth (more, in detail, about all of these to come).

Before we started tackling the Devils head on, we went over some ground rules for my day-to-day food; she calls this the blueprint. My goals for these 21 days: eliminate refined carbs (so long pizza and cupcakes), focus on 1-2 healthy carbs a day (2 slices of whole wheat bread on a sandwich count as 1 carb—yahoo!), eat more fiber especially in the morning, and drink more water (I have a bottle on my desk…but sometimes—often—forget to fill it up).

Seems totally doable to me! What do you think: Are these ground rules something you could live with?

— Lisa