Is Everyone Hanging Out: Pages 80 Through 158

Hello again! Bookies, you sure know how to pick ’em. This book is Magnificent with a capital M. I have grown from finding Mindy relatable and hilarious to flat-out endearing and delightful in the last few chapters. Simply fantastic.

I had an inkling that “Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities” would be a phenomenal chapter when I first viewed the table of contents. Little did I know, it is a collection of insights/beliefs I will most likely print out and save forever, because it is so reflective of exactly how I feel about my own best friend, Caitlin (ahem, since the tenth grade and still goin’), that it is mind-blowing.

Let’s see, we lived together in an apartment in Brooklyn for two years when we first moved to New York. I borrowed all of Caitlin’s clothes (after she wore them at least once, obviously). We took turns planning social activities, and while we don’t live together anymore, I still keep contact solution in my cabinet for when she comes over (get Lasik already!). In all seriousness, I would walk through fire for my best friend. Clearly Mindy feels the same way about hers. I loved this chapter.

Okay, moving on! It was so interesting to read about Mindy’s rise to fame in her own words. Last week I relished the fact that she valued the company and wisdom of her parents so much. This week, I was elated to read how much she cherishes the work she gets to do (the same work she dreamed of doing since childhood). So few people get to experience such a profound, continued love of something from youth to adulthood. This may sound cheesy, but I’m so happy for her for living her dream!

My only hopes for her future are as follows:
1. I hope she reincarnates Rosie O’Donnell’s role in A League of Their Own.
2. I hope no one ruins doughnuts for her.
3. I hope she will see that I too have a passion for lists and realize that we are destined to be pals.

Too much? Okay, here are my favorite lines from these pages:
1. “Our cheapness was the recurring source of our creative decisions.”
2. “There’s a special level of cool for buildings in Manhattan that have at one point been something else.”
3. “When people show a lack of excitement to see me, I compensate by complimenting the hell out of them.”
4. “I kept a bathing suit in my backpack in case I went anywhere where there was a swimming pool.”
5. “I would give my doorman a book of photos of accepted guests that he could reference, like a reference book—”

Now, time to hear from you!
• What “best friend code of conduct” would you add to Mindy’s list?
• What’s your favorite moment in comedy?
• What was your dream job when you were a kid?

For next Friday, January 20, we’ll discuss “I Love Irish Exits” through “Good-bye” (pages 159 to the end). Until then, I hope none of you has the unpleasant fortune of coming across a roast on TV, and that you walk a little prouder knowing Mindy has said it for us all—romantic comedies are awesome!