Anybody Up for #BeNiceDecade?

January 13, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

Thank you, everybody, for weighing in during Real Simple’s Be Nice on the Internet Week with so many excellent suggestions about how to improve civility online.  It’s hard to pick favorites from among your tweets, email messages and comments, but here are a few of your tips I can’t resist repeating:

On Twitter, reader @EtiquettePage asked: “Are you using your mobile manners?” For her, good cell phone etiquette means (1) don’t use your  “yell cell” voice in public; (2) don’t place your cell phone on the dinner table, ever, and (3) don’t text during face-to-face conversations. For more, read her post at

A reader in California forwarded some good suggestions on how to use email effectively at work. They include (1) put “action items” in bold face; (2) use expressive subject lines, and (3) if using “reply all” really seems necessary, you are probably having a conversation that would be better (and more efficient) to have face-to-face.

A reader named @coupons2print has a personal system for avoiding email overload: “Only check twice a day – 11 am, 4 pm. Never give more than 30 minutes effort.”

And from Ohio, reader Heather Ann Barnes (@heatherabarnes) asked: “Is there any way we can extend #BeNiceWeek to #BeNiceDecade?!;)”

Thanks, Heather Ann, for reminding us that the urge to be nice online shouldn’t stop after #BeNiceWeek ends.

As reader Donna Seamans commented yesterday: “All things in moderation …Everyone needs to take into account that you can’t know all things about each situation. Can’t we all give people the benefit of the doubt?”

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