Decluttering One Last Thing in 2011

December 30, 2011 | By | Comments (18)

As 2011 draws to a close, look around your house and reflect on your life and determine if there is anything there that shouldn’t accompany you into 2012.

Is there an ill-fitting pair of pants that you loathe to wear but that is still lingering in your closet? Is there a rusty knife in your kitchen that should be recycled? Is there one thing that has been driving you bonkers for the past year that you’re ready to purge right this instant?

As long as this thing isn’t a person or animal, I suggest going right now and doing away with the object. Drop it off at Goodwill or take it to the recycling center or throw it into the trash. The cast pictured with this post is the object I’m recycling. I haven’t needed it since last March, and I’m ready for it to go.

In 2012, you shouldn’t be surrounded by anything that distracts you from achieving the life of your dreams. Go on, get rid of that one thing that has bothered you. You can do it! Declutter one last thing and start the new year without the weight of that object holding you back.

Happy New Year, and happy decluttering!