Dress Code: Blue Jeans or Sequins?

December 26, 2011 | By | Comments (6)

A New Year’s Eve party is arguably the biggest dress-up opportunity of the year. But what’s the definition of “dress up” these days?

I wore jeans and a sparkly beaded top to a holiday open house two days ago — and felt pretty good about it until I read what columnist Helena Eichlin has to say here on the subject. Fancy clothes for a fancy occasion, she argues. And no, jeans do not qualify.

When it comes to holiday parties, it’s up to the host to set a tone, Eichlin argues. We live in a casual age, and if you write “Dress up!” on the invitation, you’ll get the message across….maybe.

What does “dress up” mean to you? Sparkles and sequins? Velvet or taffeta? Feathers?

(image via Realsimple.com)