Hi, Everyone!

December 22, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

Hello, fellow No-Obligation Book Clubbers and Simply Stated enthusiasts! My name is Jamie McNamara, and I am elated to be hosting this club as 2012 kicks off! As an avid Real Simple fan who happens to be fortunate enough to be employed by the RealSimple.com marketing department, this is a real treat for me.

Now, on to the gem of a book you voted to read this month, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), by Mindy Kaling. I picked this book for your consideration for a myriad of reasons. My friend Ilene first introduced me to Mindy’s comedic genius on The Office. Whether Mindy’s character, Kelly, is talking about shopping, guys, or anything else—her delivery is priceless—I want to be her friend! Her humor, honesty, and outright sassiness is just plain refreshing. Even this book cover evokes a giggle (don’t you agree?).

I think we’ll have a ball in Mindy’s world. I predict hearty laughs and at least a few thoughts that will be so chuckle-some, I’ll have no choice but to post them to Facebook for friends and family to enjoy. Just a prediction. So, here’s our reading schedule:

For Friday, January 6: Discuss “Hello” through “Day Jobs,” also known as pages 1 through 79.

For Friday, January 13: Discuss “Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities” through “Hooking Up Is Confusing,” or pages 80 through 158.

For Friday, January 20: “I Love Irish Exits” through to the end, when Mindy must tell us “Good-bye” (pages 159 and on).

With that, I would like to thank you for reading along with me—and, let’s be honest, with another huge Real Simple fan, my mom (hi, Gail Knef!)—for the month of January. I hope you all have a magnificent holiday and New Year. I look forward to laughing my way into 2012 with Mindy and all of you.