Your Hair Questions Answered

December 19, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

A few weeks back I asked you to send me questions to bring to one of my favorite hairstylists, Simone at Paul Labrecque Salon. You came up with some interesting queries. I’ve broken them up into two posts. This first one focuses on cuts and product tips.

From reader Penny Rusk: For long, thick, colored, dry, and coarse hair—not quite curly and definitely not straight—what care line is best? Also, are there any “cut” techniques that will help control it?

Simone: With hair your texture, you need a conditioner that will deliver exceptional moisturizing properties but won’t weigh hair down. First, start with a clarifying shampoo to rid the hair of all buildup. Follow with a deep conditioner like the Kerastase Age Recharge, which is super-moisturizing but rinses clean and won’t weigh hair down. Always use a leave-in conditioner, like Paul Labrecque Repair Style, that keeps the hair moisturized throughout your styling routine. And, finally, get a haircut that will enhance the wave/curl pattern of your hair. Layering would be your best bet.

From reader Kate Styrsky: What does one have to say to a stylist to keep from getting long hair cut short? I brought photos, I said full, fluffy, and I ended up with a short, flat haircut.

Simone: When you are sitting in a stylist’s chair and you don’t want to leave with short hair, always say, “I want to keep my length.” Then talk about the shape, layering, and overall style you want, keeping within the parameters of maintaining a longer look.

From reader Joann Schlosser: I have thin, fine hair. Any ideas of what I can do?

Simone: Fine, thin hair is best kept at a mid- to short length. A shorter length will give the appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier hair. Layering works to give volume, but too many layers in the wrong places will make the hair look even thinner. Also, use a volumizing root-lifting spray before you blow-dry.

From reader Jacki Mayer: What would a stylist recommend as good products for curly hair? I have very curly hair, and I hate how gel makes it crispy. I would like to find something that will control my curls but make them soft and shiny.

Simone: Curly hair needs moisture and definition. The best way to achieve this without the crunchy effect is to use a product that has enough hold, but keeps hair soft throughout the day. Try a lotion instead of a gel, and mix it with a leave-in conditioner to get soft, yet perfectly defined curls without the crunch.

From reader Joanna Hilburn: My curly hair product was recently reformulated and no longer gives my curls any hold. I’m really hesitant to spend $20 per bottle on other salon-quality style products without knowing how well they’ll match my needs. Any suggestions on how to select new products after having used the same one for 10 years?

Simone: Walk into any quality salon and request to speak with a stylist about your concerns. They may even try the products on you for free. My favorite is our own Paul Labrecque Curly Style: perfect for giving curls hold and enhancing the curls without drying them out. Mixed with a leave-in conditioner, it’s a perfect way to transform frizzy, unruly curls into soft, uniform, bouncy locks.

*Editor’s note: I actually use this product and love it on my waves. It keeps frizz away and holds the curls up–without weighing hair down.

From reader Stephanie Pleasant: I’m a Marine. I have naturally curly/wavy long, fine hair. While in uniform I have to have my hair in a bun with no frizzies. It never seems like I can find the right haircut that works well for a good bun but looks really cute out of uniform. Do you have any suggestions?

Simone: A long layer haircut that focuses on framing the face would be perfect for you. It not only gives your hair style, it’s easy to manage and will be perfect to transform into the perfect bun.

Part two will be on coloring your hair: Simone even covers how to deal with grays. Stay tuned…