Get There Faster: Take the Stairs!

December 19, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

Quick health tip during these busy, and often calorie-laden holidays:

Next time you’re faced with whether to take the stairs or hop in the elevator, consider this: If you want to get there faster (as well as get a quick hit of exercise), the stairs just may be your best bet!

In a recent study published the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers found that walking up the stairs was nearly three times FASTER than relying on the more mechanical method of conveyance.

Average time between each floor was 13 seconds for the stair steppers; for elevator people, each floor took 36 seconds. (Participants traveled between one to six floors in the study, depending on their destination.)

Most of what accounted for the time difference between the methods of motion was due to waiting for the elevator’s arrival in the first place. While the study was admittedly rather small, the researchers estimate that these staffers could save about 15 minutes each day just by eschewing the elevator!