Fashionably Foolproof Gift-Giving

December 19, 2011 | By | Comments (8)

Years ago for Christmas I received, from my boss at the time, what I still think is one of the best gifts both to give and to get. Normally I don’t suggest buying clothing for someone unless you know her or him as well, or better, than you know yourself. It can be difficult to tell what someone will love and feel comfortable wearing, even if they are your very best friend. But when I opened this gift, I realized that this was a rare and perfect exception. It was just personal enough, and conveyed a sense of luxury and taste, without running the risk of being something not to my liking or that I would never wear. And even if it had been, I could have exchanged it for something else without hurting her feelings or causing offense, because chances were she’d never see me wearing her gift anyway.

Ever since, I’ve followed her lead, and if I run into a tricky person on my shopping list, I buy her or him a pair of pajamas. I actually buy them for people on my list who I know quite well, too. They’re relatively inexpensive and come in so many different prints and styles, from plaid flannel to floral print, you can tailor them to make a gift that is personal to the receiver.

Here are some great ones I’ve come across while doing my holiday shopping this year:

Anthropologie, $48

Anthropologie pajamas

J. Crew, $45

J. Crew pajamas

Topshop, $60

TopShop pajamas

Target, $13.50

Target pajamas

Princess Tam Tam, $70

Princess Tam Tam pajamas