How I fixed my holiday cards (and why I didn’t have to)

December 7, 2011 | By | Comments (5)

Last week I received the holiday cards I ordered from Shutterfly, and realized something. . . I hated the picture of my daughter I had selected.

Other than the one picture, the card was everything I wanted. But knowing I would obsess about that photo each time I stuffed one of the over 100 cards into an envelope, I decided there was only one thing to do – patch the cards with a different photo.

Turns out, fixing the card was easier than I had originally anticipated. Printing a new photo on to 1.8″ square labels I had from (have you seen this site? Labels in every shape, size and finish) I was able to cover the “offending” photo nearly seamlessly.

Writing about how I had lost my mind over our Christmas cards, I learned I’m not alone, with visitors sharing their own card-disasters including stray sprinkler heads and typos.

But here’s the other thing I learned – it turns out Shutterfly has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning I could have reordered the cards, with a new photo, at no charge, or received a full refund. And it turns out they are not alone – tiny prints and Pear Tree also offer returns on photo cards and other products.

Next year, I’ll try to be a little more careful about the photos I choose for our cards. But I’ll also be checking the return policy before I order – just in case.

How did your cards turn out this year?