How I finally found a place to hang the stockings

December 1, 2011 | By | Comments (8)

When my husband and I remodeled our kitchen, we made one major change that my kids are still upset about – we removed the fireplace.

It’s really only in December that they complain because, you guessed it, we removed Santa’s entrance into our house. (Fortunately “magic,” and a showing of Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause, are enough to satisfy their curiosity about how the big man gets into our house).

Since removing the fireplace, I have had my own minor holiday dilemma – where to hang the Christmas stockings. In past years I’ve hung them on the bureau in our “solarium” (a fancy word for the weird space at the back of our house), on the backs of dining room chairs and on the sliding glass door.This year, I decided to take a more crafty approach, creating an inexpensive stocking shelf.

Below is the space I decided to use for stockings, pre-decorating. My plan was to take down the mirror to make room for my stocking shelf.

I painted an unfinished wood shelf, found in our basement, with a coat of blue craft paint, then finished with crackle glaze and off white craft paint to give it an antique look. A couple coats of matte sealer ensured the finish stayed put.

Hanging the shelf where the mirror once was allowed us to put holes in the wall that would be covered by the mirror during the non-holidays. And, in addition to giving me a place to hang our stockings, it also provided me with a great opportunity to display my growing collections of Santas.

I do miss the reflective quality of the mirror, but I love my new stocking shelf.

Where do you hang your stockings?