What Would You Do (Health-Wise) If YOU Won the Lottery?

November 29, 2011 | By | Comments (11)

Given that the winners of a recent $254 million Powerball are residents of the Tri-State area—they live in Connecticut, and happen to already be in the investment business!—I’ve got large sums of moola on my mind.

It got me to wondering/daydreaming about what I’d do with that kind of dough, were I to win it.

Disclaimer: I’m putting aside all sense of reality and altruism for a moment here. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that a large part of what I won would be given to charities and other worthwhile causes, as well as used to pay off our mortgage. And yet, it’s sort of fun to fantasize about how I’d use the money to improve or change my health and wellness.

A few (over-the-top, spoil-myself-silly) changes to my schedule I think I’d put in place, lickety-split.

*Twice-weekly massages. What? These are physical therapy-type massages! Deep tissue to help with my sciatica!
*Thrice weekly personal training sessions (to FORCE me to do bone-strengthening weight training) with a trainer who comes to ME…
*In my HOME GYM, fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, flat-screen TV, pitchers of filtered, chilled water, etc. What?? The more enticing the gym, the more likely I am to use it!
*Weekly facials. What??? This is…well, better skin is just really nice and facials just feel so, so good. Plus: look good, feel good.
*Meal delivery. It’s no secret that I don’t cook enough, and that as a family we order in too much. Having fresh, seasonal, sensibly portioned meals arrive on my doorstep would just be awesome.
*I’d adopt another dog—along with retaining the always-on-call services of someone to walk the dog when I am not able. It’s been proven that having a pet can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. What DOESN’T lower stress is having to race home to walk the dog when you’re all the way across town, or shivering in the freezing rain at 11pm in February when said pooch is taking her time relieving herself, or any number of accommodations one must make for a dog in the city. (Read: no yard into which you can just let the dog roam.)

I’m sure I’m missing many other health-related expenditures I’d consider adding…but for now, those would be the first-to-enact changes.

What about YOU? What items or services would you pluck down the winnings to improve?