Decluttered Gift Ideas for the 2011 Holiday Season

November 29, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

I’m always looking for gifts that will be enjoyed by their recipients and never run the risk of becoming clutter in their homes. If you’re someone who looks to give decluttered gifts, too, check out my recommendations for presents that are sure to please.


Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that experiences bring greater happiness and satisfaction than buying and owning possessions. If you want to keep clutter out of someone’s home, and make them happy, consider giving the gift of an experience. Cooking classes, movie tickets, concert tickets, tickets to the opera, restaurant gift certificates, river rafting, National Park or State Park visitor and parking passes, skydiving lessons, spa packages, and an annual pass to a museum, zoo, or amusement park might be the perfect choice for someone on your list.


The list of potential consumable items is endless, so I’ll just focus on my favorite two types — food and beverages.

Gourmet foods — Truffle salt, black lava salt, Hawaiian smoked garlic salt, fig infused balsamic vinegar, herbal sugars (like rose petal, spearmint, or lavender), herbed coffee spice rub for beef and pork, and 75% Madagascar Sambirano Valley chocolate bars will be used and/or eaten by lovers of the culinary arts.

Beverages — Champagne is a perfect gift to bring as a host gift to any holiday party when you know for certain the host consumes alcohol. The bottle can be consumed on New Year’s Day or any other festive occasion. Craft sodas or a subscription to a microbrew beer of the month club could both be hits with aficionados.

Charitable Giving

Legitimate charities rely heavily on donations in the month of December, as a result, many allow for gifts to be made in honor of someone else for the holidays. Giving a donation to a charity that your recipient truly values can be a heartwarming gift. One of my favorite charities is Kiva, which allows loans in the form of gift cards to be purchased for others. Then, upon receipt of the gift card, the person can go to the website and choose who she wishes the micro loan (or loans) to go to.

Image of vinegar from the St. Helena Olive Oil Co. Image of annual pass from the National Park Service. Image of champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin.