An Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Starring…Brussels Sprouts!

November 21, 2011 | By | Comments (13)

Brussels sprouts

I’m a fan of many fall and winter vegetables. Butternut squash. Cauliflower. Parsnips. But the nearest and dearest to my heart is the lowly Brussels sprout. If you think you hate them, I strongly encourage you to give them another try. When overcooked, Brussels sprouts can turn into a mushy, stinky, skunky mess (in fact, I first had them this way as a kid and I thought they were disgusting.) But I tried them again as an adult, and I fell in love. When they’re properly cooked—my favorite way is to roast them—they’re absolutely delicious. (Plus, they’re adorable.)

I’ve been having serious Brussels sprouts cravings lately, so I decided to buy some from the farmers’ market and try Real Simple’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Grapes recipe. I usually roast mine with apples and bacon, but using grapes in savory dishes always intrigues me. I bought the smallest sprouts I could find (they’re less bitter) and went to work. I cut back on some of the grapes and tossed in half a chopped apple just to mix things up a bit—I had picked up a few nice Winesaps at the market, too. Just combine all the ingredients together and pop them in the oven, and in about 20 minutes you’ll have a perfectly delicious, easy, and healthy side dish that’ll wow your Thanksgiving guests. The grapes worked really well in this recipe; the roasting intensifies their sweetness, which balances out the slightly bitter Brussels sprouts nicely.

This is a great vegetarian dish for Thanksgiving, but would be fantastic with some bacon or chopped chorizo mixed in, too. In fact, I’d eat that as a main course—forget the turkey!

Are you a fan of Brussels sprouts?