The Best Way to Store Apples

November 17, 2011 | By | Comments (12)


Inspired by my colleague Dawn Perry’s recent post on “awesome things everyone knew about but me,” I decided to share a little tip I just learned about apples—even though apparently, a lot of people already know about it. But I’m betting a lot of you don’t, too.

I’ve always stored my apples in a bowl on my kitchen counter, just like my mom did when I was growing up. I’m sure many of you have a bowl of fruit somewhere in your house right now—apples, bananas, oranges, etc. It looks pretty, right? But as I was reading our Apples ingredient page the other day, I noticed that in the Prep section it said this: Apples do best in the fruit drawer of the refrigerator, where they keep for up to 3 weeks. At room temperature, they ripen too quickly and become mealy after 2 days.

Interesting. I had noticed that my apples never stayed fresh for long, often developing mushy spots and losing their crispness quickly.

A few days later I spent a lovely fall day picking apples and promptly placed my sizable loot in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator. I was amazed. Every day for the next two weeks, I was able to pluck a perfectly crisp, cool apple from the fridge and sink my teeth into the juicy, creamy flesh with just the right amount of bite. No mushiness, no mealiness, no brown spots. Genius!

I took a highly informal poll of co-workers/friends and discovered that a lot of people actually already store their apples in the fridge, though not necessarily for longevity’s sake (“I like cold fruit,” “I have no counter space,” and my personal favorite, “I’m afraid of cockroaches.” Do cockroaches even eat fruit? I guess they’ll eat anything.). And many people didn’t realize that apples will stay fresh far longer in the fridge. So I was wondering: Where do you store your apples? In the refrigerator, in a bowl at room temperature, or somewhere else entirely? Take the poll below, then tell us more/explain why in the comments.