Christmas Lights You Can Use Year Round

November 16, 2011 | By | Comments (3)

Because I like to throw parties I find myself buying Christmas lights year round. I thought it might be a little fun to talk about the lights that work well for other times of the year besides Christmas.

A. Battery Operated Lights. These are AMAZING for outdoor dinner parties when the weather is warmer. With batteries you aren’t tied to an extension cord and outlet but can throw your party anywhere regardless of power. LED lights are great because they don’t use much battery energy. I prefer the “warm” lights to the cool since it glows more like a regular light.

B. Globe Lights. I love prefer globe lights to any other kind to make a space feel festive without screaming “Christmas Decorations.” I’ve recently noticed LED lights on the market which I would like to try out.

C. Regular ol’ Christmas Lights. I have several strands of these I use when I need to add light to a space. They are my workhorses and are usually inexpensive. My old boss taught me to store these wrapped up like a ball. They never get tangled and store nicely.