Three Quick and Simple Uncluttering Projects

November 15, 2011 | By | Comments (19)

Looking to unclutter but don’t have a lot of time? Try one (or more) of these quick and simple uncluttering projects and get one step closer to your uncluttering goals:

  1. Clear the clutter from your purse and/or wallet. Process receipts, throw out wrappers, and rescue that handful of change. You’ll feel lighter and you’ll be glad to get rid of your George Costanza wallet.
  2. Unclutter a single shelf. The shelf could be in your office, your living room, or your bathroom — it doesn’t matter, just commit to clearing it of unwanted items. If the shelf is in a high-traffic area and you look at it all the time, you may have gone blind to all the stuff sitting on the shelf. In these cases, I like to imagine Real Simple is coming to photograph my space or a nosey neighbor will be stopping by, and these mind tricks usually help me to see the clutter again.
  3. Seeing as today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day in the U.S., I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend you spruce up your icebox. Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as making room for all those tasty Thanksgiving leftovers.

What are your favorite quick and simple uncluttering projects? Share your suggestions with us in the comments.