Homemade Holiday Gifts

November 4, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

On Saturday I was more than a bit surprised to see snow, and even though we’ve been working on our holiday content for quite some time, the holidays just seemed so far away. It was October, after all. Then just a few days later, when I spotted the first red Starbucks cup of the year and there were crews putting up the holiday decorations at Radio City Music Hall, I finally started to think about all the people on my list this year and what they might want.

I’d love to make my dad the homemade Limoncello he’s always talking about but, since it takes about three months to make, I’m actually a bit behind schedule!

While browsing the web for some other ideas, I stumbled upon a few I couldn’t help but share.

Homemade vanilla extract from Whipper Berry.

Vanilla Extract

Candy bar caramel corn from How Sweet Eats.

candy bar caramel corn

And a few of Real Simple‘s own suggestions: Sugar-bowl candles (shown above) and more Simple, Beautiful Homemade Holiday Gifts.

Do you buy gifts for those on your list or do you prefer to make some? What are some of the best homemade holiday gifts you’ve seen?