Dear Fall, Thanks for the Carrots. Love, Dawn

November 4, 2011 | By | Comments (1)
Dear Fall,Great job out there! The wind is picking up, the leaves are turning, and falling, and wooshing around in tiny tornadoes. The weather is just about perfect for tea and coffee-drinking, slow- roasting, and soup eating. You’ve done a great job with the fruits and veg this year, too. The farmers’ markets are blowing up!

Have I told you it’s my very favorite time of year to cook and eat?  I love the rich colors, the hearty vegetables, and sweet-tart fruits. I love the warm spices that go so well with them. I love that I can buy a bunch of vegetables on a Saturday and they’re still good enough to eat a week later. I love that you allow me to think “I really should eat another piece of [insert ultra-rich food stuff here]. Gotta put on that extra layer of fat to keep the body warm for winter.”

Oh, I also wanted to thank you for these carrots. Beauties!! I’m roasting half of them to garnish a creamy blended soup I made: onion, ginger, carrots, broth. I’m finishing it with a little sour cream, nutmeg and the sweet roasted carrot nuggets. Delish, right?

Anyway, just wanted to touch base and tell you to keep up the good work. Oh, and could you hold off on the snow until December 25th? That would be great.

Looking forward to the rest of the season,