So Many Dry Shampoos, Which Do You Choose?

November 3, 2011 | By | Comments (9)

At some point, dry shampoos started as a trend. My first experience with this magically cleansing formula was at Boots (a British drugstore with a beauty line). Since then, a wide variety of brands, forms and colors have saturated the beauty aisles. Without having to try every single one, how do you choose which one will work for you? Here is one hairstylist’s tip on how to keep it simple.

A few weeks ago I was getting my hair done with Naeemah Carre, a hair stylist at Blow New York, and I was telling her how every day I hear about new brand coming out with a dry shampoo. Adding to the confusion is how different the formulas are. Sprays? Powders? Foams? So many to pick from!

She said it is quite easy, actually: “If you have hair that frizzes easily when it gets wet, to stick to powders. The sprays will only create frizz when the strands get damp. If your hair needs a root boost, get a spray because it will give you that lift you’re looking for.”

Since my hair frizzes instantly, my personal favorite is Fekkai’s Au Natural Dry Shampoo. The crisp cotton scent isn’t over powering, and the corn starch absorbs oil instantly. I have dark brown hair, but this white powder instantly dissolves.

Do you use dry shampoo? What is your favorite product? Tell us in the comments.