Do You Grill in the Fall and Winter?

November 1, 2011 | By | Comments (9)

This past weekend in the Northeast we had our first snow storm of the year. Originally it was predicted that we would get 8 to 12-inches….we woke up Sunday morning to 24 plus inches!!

I love the snow—snow shoeing, cross country skiing, sitting inside by the fire drinking wine and reading. Grilling in the snow, now that’s a different matter.

My boyfriend (pictured above) and I tend to grill as far into the fall and winter as we possibly can. It’s not much different from sitting next to a bonfire, right? But when you have to get out the snow shovel and clear a patch for the grill—that might be where I draw the line. We grilled a steak and one hot dog—and that’s all we had for dinner. I was too cold to make a salad.

My fellow food editors and I often wonder how much of the year folks across America are grilling. In New England I think that people tend to stop around the end of September, but is it a year round thing in Florida and California? How much of the year (and how often) you and your family grill? Leave a comment and let me know.