Comforter Shopping, Do You Save or Splurge?

November 1, 2011 | By | Comments (12)

White patterned duvet and yellow rug

I’m in the market for a new comforter. I’ve had the one that’s currently on my bed since I was living at home (we won’t put a year on that, thank you). I have to admit, I’m quite baffled by the options out there: down, down alternative, synthetic, non-down natural fill, and then 8 million different warmth ratings (each called by seven different names). Where do I even begin to shop?

I’ll start with the road test Real Simple did last year about the best comforters. But I also want to know what are your go-to sources for shopping for bedding? And when it comes to an investment piece like a comforter, do you save or splurge?