Have you been “BOO-ed?”

October 24, 2011 | By | Comments (6)

Legend tells of a a phantom ghost which comes to town to leave goodies at the door of girls and boys around Halloween . . . in the form of treats and treasures from the Dollar Store.

For those unfamiliar with the tradition of “BOO-ing” or “ghosting” around Halloween, someone in our neighborhood starts the BOO rolling, leaving a bucket or bag of goodies on a neighbor’s doorstep, with instructions to pass it along.

I have mixed feelings about being “BOO-ed.”

The part of me that’s already running in twelve different directions, doesn’t appreciate having another thing to do. And, who doesn’t think it feels a lot like those chain letters we all despise, when it suggests you keep it moving and make it “a happier fall?”

But then the doorbell rings, the kids squeal with glee as they find their goodies on our doorstep, and suddenly I’m in the spirit. We drive around the neighborhood, looking for which house has the BOO on the front door, and which does not. With our target selected, we shop at Dollar Tree, picking out goodies perfect for the little boys who live nearby.

Then, we plan the drop. We scope out the house, determining how we can drop off the bucket undetected, while not tripping as we run down the flight of stairs to the street. After knocking on the door (no doorbell, lest we wake the boys), we huddle by the garage until a perplexed father picks up the treat.

Then we head home, high on adrenaline and full of giggles. So maybe I don’t really have mixed feelings about being BOO-ed.

Maybe what I’m really worried about is when I won’t be able to BOO anymore.

Have you been BOO-ed?

Illustration: Download your own BOO sheet from BeenBooed.com