The Difference in Farm Fresh Eggs

October 24, 2011 | By | Comments (6)

There are approximately 217,424,000 eggs consumed per day in the United States and in the last twenty years chicken has steadily beaten beef as the most consumed meat in the country.

I guess this isn’t surprising since both chicken and eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. In fact eggs are often referred to by nutritionist as, “The Perfect Food”.

Recently I made scrambled eggs for my boyfriend using mostly (more on that in a sec) eggs we bought at a local farm. We were out driving around and passed a farm with an “eggs for sale” sign out. There wasn’t a farm stand, just a cooler with ice packs and several cartons of beautiful eggs. We pulled up, got a quick wave from the farmer, deposited our $3 (!!!) in the box, and drove off.

When we got home and I started to put breakfast together I found a single leftover egg from a grocery store carton in the fridge. I added it to the bowl with two eggs from the farm and couldn’t believe the difference in the yolk. The farm yolks were bright orange and firm. The grocery store egg yolk was light orange, almost yellow really,  and didn’t hold its shape.

Score another one for the local food movement! What foods do you like to buy from your local farmer(s)? Do you notice a difference in quality or price? Do these differences make a difference to you and your family?