Day 19: An Unexpected Pizza Recipe

Today’s recipe, Salami and Brussels Sprouts Pizza, was prepared by Sarah Humphreys, Real Simple’s executive editor.


When you work at Real Simple long enough, simplifying tricks from the magazine pop into your head all the time. I felt so smart when I first read over this Salami and Brussels Sprouts Pizza recipe, thinking, Before I grate that ball of mozzarella, I’ll just pop it into the freezer for a few minutes to firm it up and make it easier. But as soon as I launched into step 1, I hit a snag. My Whole Foods pizza dough was so perfectly fresh and elastic that, despite all attempts with swinging and gravity, I could not stretch it into a large oval. It kept shrinking back into a small-to-medium size oval. And so I went all Chicago on this pizza—it became deep dish.

Pizza pre-cooking

The dish on the rest of the process is that it was quick and eeeeeasy. Thinly slice the cute little Brussels sprouts, then the salami (I bought a stick; next time I’ll do what the recipe says and buy pre-sliced, because I couldn’t get the slices thin enough). Mix with the grated mozzarella, a little olive oil, salt and pepper, then top the pizza. Because the “stretched” dough measured about 9 square inches, I was able to achieve some serious height with the toppings—instead of sprinkling them on, I had to mound.

Brussels Sprouts Pizza

I left the pizza in about 10 minutes longer than called for, since it was about 6 inches tall. The results were delicious. The Brussels sprouts were crunchy, the salami was chewy, the mozzarella was stringy, the dough was, well, substantial.

I will definitely make this recipe again. That is, after I learn how to stretch dough into a large oval. Look for the Real Simple technique in an upcoming issue. Because I can’t be the only one with this problem (right?).

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