Day 18: Glazed Chicken and Red Cabbage

October 12, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Today’s recipe, Lime and Soy-Glazed Chicken with Cabbage Slaw, was prepared by Alexandra Gonzalez, Real Simple’s beauty assistant and blogger.

I love cooking chicken, but I get bored with my same old recipe. So I was very excited to try the Lime and Soy-Glazed Chicken with Cabbage Slaw. Since I was visiting family this past weekend I cooked my Month of Dinners recipe. I had to double the recipe to feed 7 people, but it was super easy to do.

As instructed, first I mixed the soy, lime, and brown sugar in a pan.

I used a small whisk to mix and when the sugar was dissolved I added the chicken skin-side down. I placed it in the oven until the glazed boiled and then turned it over—about 10 minutes later.

I loved how I just mixed everything and put the chicken in the oven. I put a timer on, so I didn’t even need to think about it again.

While, I waited for the meat to cook I grated and chopped the scallions, mint leaves, carrots and red cabbage.  This took about 10 minutes and I just threw everything into one large bowl, then mixed it with the oils, salt and pepper.

The end result was so vibrant and pretty. I am very bad at picking bright colorful veggies to go with my main dishes. This was perfect. The slaw tasted healthy and light, so it was better than the usual heavy side I would have added. It took one minute to just mix everything and I was done.

The chicken came out so moist and delicious. The slaw was a great side dish and tasted even better when I mixed with lime and soy-glaze in the same bite. I love the one pot and one dish wonders. I got rave reviews from my family and will probably be forced to cook Real Simple recipes every time I come to visit now. Not too bad of a punishment.

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