Do You Send Notes with Your Child’s Lunch?

October 11, 2011 | By | Comments (21)

Each time I read the Wall Street Journal (which is less rare an occurrence than you might think), I learn something new. Last week, I learned my husband and I were slacking on the lunch making front. Or, more specifically, the lunch note making front.

According to the article “To Pack an A-Plus Lunchbox” many parents send something extra in their child’s lunchbox – love notes. Or banana art (which involves transforming the formerly boring fruit with faces and googley eyes). Or pre-printed cards from Disney or Pottery Barn.

Or sticky notes with custom illustrations (a special thank you to illustrator Rob Kimmel for raising the bar. I’ll try to refrain from egging your house the next time I’m in Northampton).

I could use the excuse that my husband packs the lunch boxes to explain the lack of regular love notes. Or, I could tell you that we have a hard enough time remembering to return the homework, permission slips and fundraising forms. But the truth is, I just didn’t know!

So here’s my question . . . Am I the only one NOT regularly sending notes in the lunch box?