Day 17: An Updated Chili Recipe

Today’s recipe, Chipotle Beef and Beer Chili, was prepared Stephanie Sisco, Real Simple’s home assistant.

Like many of my co-workers, this is my second take with the Month of Dinners Blog. Last year, I fixed roasted pork chops with polenta, which ended up being perfect as an intimate dinner for two. This year, though, I wanted to get a group opinion and step away from my safe dinner party dishes.  So preparing the Chipotle Beef and Beer Chili was a test of both ease of assembly (while making sure my small NYC apartment was ready for an onslaught of guests) and crowd-pleasing ability.

Chili Ingredients

As far as assembly goes, there was hardly anything to it! All of the ingredients were easy to find in my local supermarket and the majority simply required opening a can. Okay, I did hit one snag when searching for the called-for “dark Mexican beer,” but that was really just my lack of extensive beer knowledge more than anything else.

Chipotles in Adobo

Once home, I diced my onion, sliced my garlic, and prepared the canned chipotles (all the while cheering on my alma mater in football—go Florida State!). I have found chipotles to be a little tricky because I never give them quite the credit they deserve for being as spicy as they are. A little certainly goes a long way. So if you are heat averse, use a light hand.

Chili Simmering

Once everything was compiled in the pot, I let it simmer and my work was done.

Enjoying the Chili

The overall consensus was that the chili was fabulous! Similar to the oldie-but-goodie that we all know and love, this chili had an extra twist with the beer and chipotle. Served with a hearty chunk of cornbread, this was a fabulous fall dish for a casual gathering.