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October 7, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

I’ve rounded up four pretty amazing products and sites to serve all of your denim-related needs. Check them out, and let me know what piques your interest!

1. Hem Gems

Here is truly a revolutionary product: These “gems” resemble pushpins and are designed to neatly tack hems into place. Better—and cuter—than double-sided tape, they’re also perfect for jeans that you’ll want to wear with heels just as much as you do with flats. They come in multiple styles (see below) and are oh-so-easy to use.

Pyramid StuddClassic RivetNautical Star

At $20 for a pack of eight, they’ll also save you from paying a pricey alterations bill. Visit to learn more.

2. Joe’s Jeans: Now in 55 Colors

Nervous about embracing the colored-denim trend? Uninspired by the lack of color options on the market? Joe’s Jeans has just launched 55 (yes, you read that right) colors for fall. You’re guaranteed to find something—be it subtle or not—to tickle your fancy. Start shopping now!

Joe's 55 Colors

3. Denim Therapy

From the online denim-repair service that has been around since 2006 now comes a newly launched site with brand-new services. A clever blog keeps readers in-the-know when it comes to denim trends, tips, and expert advice. And while the bulk of Denim Therapy’s business still comes from fixing jeans that have been riddled with holes, new offerings like dyeing and bleaching, alterations, and resizing are nothing short of awesome. What’s even better is that Denim Therapy is exclusively offering Real Simple readers the chance to try out one of its services at 10 percent off the regular price. Enter the code REALSIMPLE at checkout to take advantage of this special discount!

4. Bleu Lab Reversible Jeans

Yes, these jeans will cost you, but this innovative brand’s specialty is reversible denim,
so what you’re getting is two pairs of jeans in one: the perfect packing solution. Check out this pair, which reverses to black:

Reversible Denim Leggings in bleu lead, $216,